Not By Sight is a blog oriented toward Franciscan Students with the aim of instilling a deeper
understanding of the Catholic vision of reality, the Church, her traditions and her culture, and
what it means to live as a Catholic. Through this blog we hope to inspire a richer love for the
Church and deeper daily conversion in Christ. We aspire to heal, to uplift, and to revitalize our students in an endeavor to foster an increasingly vibrant Catholic culture on campus.

Submission Guidelines

For those interested in submitting an article to Not By Sight, here are the guidelines. We are
looking for articles that speak to the Catholic vision and way of life. These articles can be written
on the topic of faith (what we believe), Catholic tradition and culture (how we live), and Catholic
spirituality/wellness. Write a couple of sentences describing the specific content/topic on which
you want to write. Include a short outline detailing the way in which you would approach the
content/topic so that we can get a sense of what the article would look like. Email the topic
description and outline to joshuafeibelman@gmail.com. We will review the topic/outline and either
approve it or suggest modification. Once approved, we will set a publish date. Send the
completed article to the same email by the set publish date and I will publish it. Please keep
articles roughly between 500-800 words. Finally, articles should have a practical and generally
uplifting tilt while generally avoiding overly academic or polemical styles.