Why Not by Sight

Friends, Romans, Franciscans, lend me your ears… Here I am, about to introduce our new blog Not By Sight. Since introductions are often dull, I took a look at some other blogs for insight. In doing so, I noticed a trend in the blogging community.

Blogs are often introduced with a phrase akin to, “Don’t worry, we won’t bore you.” In this manner they beg you to read on. But honestly, what a boring thing for them to say.  To paraphrase G.K. Chesterton’s most eloquent phrase on the subject, “There are no boring blogs, only bored people.” And so I encourage you to frequent this blog. But don’t merely frequent this blog; frequent it with passion. Love what we write. Hate what we write. Just don’t let yourself be bored. I mean, let’s be honest. Boredom is so boring. 

“Why are we starting this blog?” you ask. My answer:“To inspire us to seek the second floor of a two story house.” Today it is so easy to think and act as if all that exists is this world. This world is like the first floor of the house. But the second floor of the house is even more real. The second floor is where we will meet God face to face. But how do we get to the second? We take the stairs and go through the door. The Church is like the staircase to the second floor. Christ is the Door. It is our hope that this blog will help us along the stairs to that Door.  

In a year where our University theme concerns walking by faith rather than sight, we must learn to see with the eyes of faith rather than to have faith in our eyes. We must learn to see the staircase that is the Church clearly. Otherwise we will stumble about in the darkness.

In light of this, Not By Sight will attempt to help us in three ways. First, this blog will help us to see more clearly by sharing thoughts on essential parts of the Church’s vision. Second, it will show us what it means to live in the Church by sharing insights about her sacraments, her teaching, her culture, and her tradition. Finally, it will provide thoughts on Catholic spirituality and life in Christ, thereby drawing us toward the Door to the second floor. With all that said, I look forward to the adventure with you all.

God bless you, 

Joshua Feibelman (Editor in Chief)